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Get Involved Help your local program get support you can’t find elsewhere. Need help doing other things besides coding? Check out this list of resources that include free tech support for high school students. Find your local program here. Support Support is a group of friends involved in activities you can do together. They help your local program get funding for infrastructure that will eventually be used for development.

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Whether you’re mentoring, learning, volunteering, keeping a low profile or just wanting to get to know your friends and family you deserve those amazing support networks. Educate Your Friends Find out whether you could help your friends become better mentors, mentors who share your interests and interests. Be an active speaker Find out if your classmates could benefit from a mentor offering help, a project or something special to them. If so you can help keep your family and neighbors informed on where you are and how you’re doing. Teach Anything Learn about all the work that students are doing to enhance their lives today.

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Join a monthly event and contribute to other interesting projects. Free Email Information Free subscription support goes a long way. This free email service lets you freeform live webcasts of resources and resources that will encourage your students to get involved. We are trying to have as many features as possible, update them in the future, and communicate regularly to increase those plans (everything from live webcasts to webinars) so that you can make do with better data. Click here for information about the free event.

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